Resume Mrs. A. van der Meijden (NL) Judge Obedience


Curriculum Mrs. Anja van der Meijden:

Kan een afbeelding zijn van 1 persoon, hond en buitenshuis

Born October 7, 1958,. She has been training fanatically since she was 18 with her first German Shepherd dog. Worked in administration for many years. And in recent years a fanatical mail deliverer.

She spends all her free time in dog sports, .. already passed the instructor- and the helpers course in the 80s.

Since then she has also been fanatically involved in giving instructions and where necessary she also pulls up a sleeve to help people or explain something. As the first woman to achieve the competition qualification as a protection helper. In addition, she has helped a Dobermann club as an instructor for 7 years and even trained a participant in all breeds world championships

Of course she is still busy with the training of her own dog(s) on a daily basis with her first German Shepherd a kynologically bred dog, the last of the litter, she was even at the age of 24 and the dog of 4 years, European wusv champion, as 1st Dutch handler with a total of 293 points the following year with the same dog with a total of 292 2nd , a result that has not been matched to date

In addition, she was Dutch champion and reserve  Champion, with another dog, and has participated with several dogs in the Dutch Championships as well as the wusv Championships.Furthermore, she has also been active for several years in a club context, at a provincial level, she has been in the organization of a wusv championship held in the Netherlands. In short, a woman who likes to be on the trainingfield, helping people with their dog, helping helpers in their development or keeping them sharpBroadend her knowledge by attending multiple seminars and passing on the acquired knowledge to others. To be able to see the other side of the sport and to help keep the dogs at a good level for breeding, she has been active as an International judge since 1993